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Online Store

Online Store

Welcome to India's premier online store to buy Ayurvedic and Natural products that can be delivered to your home in Chennai, Bangalore and other cities.
Natural beverages

Natural Beverages

Our natural health drinks include Dhania, Ginger & Thulasi coffee and packaged Navara Rice, Bran, Ragi, Wheat, Aval flakes & Amla powder
Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners

You can also buy natural substitutes as sweeteners instead of sugar, including Pure honey including Herbs & Honey, Dates & Honey and palm candy
Natural Beverages
  • Dhania Coffee
    Dhania Coffee
    Can Coffee be good for you? Yes, Sanjeevanam Dhani...
  • Ginger Coffee
    Ginger Coffee
    Delight your taste buds with Sanjeevanam Ginger Coffee.
  • Thulasi coffee
    Thulasi coffee
    Enjoy the refreshing taste of Sanjeevanam Thualsi Coffee witho...
  • Dahashanthi
    Rejuvenate yourself with Sanjeevanam Dahashanthi. ...
  • Natural Health Mix
    Natural Health Mix
    Sanjeevanam Natural Health Mix is a wholesome, healthy way to ...
Rice and Powders
  • Bran Rice Powder
    Bran Rice Powder
    Sanjeevanam Bran Rice Powder is the answer to your health need...
  • Navara Rice
    Navara Rice
    Sanjeevanam Navara Rice offers complete nourishment to your bo...
  • Navara Rice Powder
    Navara Rice Powder
    Sanjeevanam Navara Rice Powder is a variation with all the pro...
  • Ragi Powder
    Ragi Powder
    Stay Healthy with Sanjeevanam Ragi Powder. It is r...
  • Whole Wheat Powder
    Whole Wheat Powder
    Sanjeevanam Whole Wheat Powder gives you a healthier and tasti...
  • Amla Powder
    Amla Powder
    Sanjeevanam Amla Powder encapsulates all the goodness of the I...
  • Aval (Red Rice Flakes)
    Aval (Red Rice Flakes)
    Snack away without worrying about the calories with Sanjeevana...
  • Bran Rice
    Bran Rice
    Enjoy Sanjeevanam Bran Rice every day, in every way.
Natural Sweeteners
  • Palm candy
    Palm candy
    Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar? Look no further th...
  • Pure Honey
    Pure Honey
    Experience honey in its purest form with Sanjeevanam Pure Hone...
  • Herbs & Honey
    Herbs & Honey
    Sanjeevanam Herbs and Honey pairs the goodness of honey with s...
  • Dates & Honey
    Dates & Honey
    Sanjeevanam Dates and Honey brings to you the unique combinati...
  • Palm Candy Powder
    Palm Candy Powder
    Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar? Look no further than ...
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