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No Indian meal is complete without that dab of pickles. Melam brings to you a range of mouth-watering delicious pickles that will take you back in time when you spent your hot summer days in the company of your grandmother, preparing the best authentic pickles. Melam pickles are made from quality ingredients sourced from across the country and processed using traditional methods to give you that lip smacking taste in every bottle. Melam pickles are made hygienically, with no added colours or flavours. Pick from a large range of traditional pickles from Melam and add that grandmother’s touch to your meals.

Traditional Pickle
  • Lime Pickle
    Lime Pickle

    Made from spotless, luscious seasonal limes, cured with tradition...
  • Mango Pickle
    Mango Pickle

    Made from farm fresh raw mangoes from the mango groves of Tamilna...
  • Tender mango Pickle
    Tender mango Pickle

    Tender mangoes plucked from the stem are seasoned with salt, must...
  • Garlic  Pickle
    Garlic Pickle

    Healthy, plump flavourful bulbs of garlic are chosen and seasoned...
  • Kadu mango Pickle
    Kadu mango Pickle

    Made from farm fresh unripe mangoes and cut to just the right siz...
  • Ginger Pickle
    Ginger Pickle

    Made with tender ginger from the hills, this pickle is made by co...
  • White lime Pickle
    White lime Pickle

    Made from exotic white lime (naranga), this pickle uses oil and s...
  • Gooseberry Pickle
    Gooseberry Pickle

    Made with hand picked gooseberries, seasoned and cured with oil a...
  • Fish Pickle
    Fish Pickle

    Specially-bred tuna fish is selected, marinated, fried and flavou...
  • Prawn Pickle
    Prawn Pickle

    Specially-bred prawn is selected, marinated, fried and flavoured ...