Ayurveda Treatments and Products

Rice and Powders
  • Navara Rice Powder
    Navara Rice Powder
    Sanjeevanam Navara Rice Powder is a variation with all the pro...
  • Amla Powder
    Amla Powder
    Sanjeevanam Amla Powder encapsulates all the goodness of the I...
  • Navara Rice
    Navara Rice
    Sanjeevanam Navara Rice offers complete nourishment to your bo...
  • Whole Wheat Powder
    Whole Wheat Powder
    Sanjeevanam Whole Wheat Powder gives you a healthier and tasti...

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  • Bran Rice
    Bran Rice
    Enjoy Sanjeevanam Bran Rice every day, in every way.
  • Bran Rice Powder
    Bran Rice Powder
    Sanjeevanam Bran Rice Powder is the answer to your health need...
  • Ragi Powder
    Ragi Powder
    Stay Healthy with Sanjeevanam Ragi Powder. It is r...
  • Aval (Red Rice Flakes)
    Aval (Red Rice Flakes)
    Snack away without worrying about the calories with Sanjeevana...
Natural Beverages
  • Thulasi coffee
    Thulasi coffee
    Enjoy the refreshing taste of Sanjeevanam Thulasi Coffee witho...
  • Dahashanthi
    Rejuvenate yourself with Sanjeevanam Dahashanthi. ...
  • Dhania Coffee
    Dhania Coffee
    Can Coffee be good for you? Yes, Sanjeevanam Dhani...
  • Natural Health Mix
    Natural Health Mix
    Sanjeevanam Natural Health Mix is a wholesome, healthy way to ...
  • Ginger Coffee
    Ginger Coffee
    Delight your taste buds with Sanjeevanam Ginger Coffee.
Natural Sweeteners
  • Herbs & Honey
    Herbs & Honey
    Sanjeevanam Herbs and Honey pairs the goodness of honey with s...
  • Dates & Honey
    Dates & Honey
    Sanjeevanam Dates and Honey brings to you the unique combinati...
  • Palm candy
    Palm candy
    Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar? Look no further th...
  • Palm Candy Powder
    Palm Candy Powder
    Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar? Look no further than ...
  • Pure Honey
    Pure Honey
    Experience honey in its purest form with Sanjeevanam Pure Hone...