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AVA International Business

With an experience of over 50 years in the field of traditional ayurvedic science, AVA envision to expand its business into the international market. Major brands born from the house of AVA includes Kaytra, Divine and Melam.

Recreating the authentic taste of home made Indian food since its inception, Melam has earned a place of its own in the global market. Melam has its roots strengthened in many parts across the world such as Korea, Thailand, U. S, England, France, Australia, Spain and many more. Melam excites its consumers through a lot of products ranging from popular Indian masalas to traditional sweets and pickles. Kaytra is another brand from the house of AVA that has gone international. Being a unique formulation of natural herbs, Kaytra products are a trusted solution to any and every one of your hairproblems. Divine soaps are another among the few globally acknowledged skin care products. The brand has a range of products, tested and perfected for each skin type.

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The whole experience at Sanjeevanam restaurant at Chennai was fantastic, starting from the soup to the soft parathas and tofu curry. I never thought Healthy food could be so delicious. After food, I also picked up some Health items from your shop outside the restaurant. Hats off to the founders of this health food venture. It would be great if you could also have door deliveries for your restaurant.

-Varun Lal

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