Month: June 2015

Why we love Ginger and you should too!

Ginger the underground stem – looks very unassuming if you were to just look at it. Very unremarkable in the looks department; doesn’t really proclaim its glory visually like the apple or orange. Absolutely no revealing visual clues of its powers! Also, it is certainly not the kind of underground stem-like potato or yam which you could cook and consume a whole lot of. This one, demands its respect. Ginger is but a disguised, compact medicine kit, straight from nature! It has been tested over time by the Indian households who have been using it as a home remedy for innumerable situations (a long list actually) from colic to motion sickness and what not! It has always been the grandma remedy for the grandkids’ cold and flu. Let us see what this enchanted underground stem is all about.

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The Truth about Bran Rice

Bran rice has been around for ages. It has been consumed in the Indian villages for centuries but yet, it is quite a new product in the commercial market of the present times. It was always something that was common in south India. Recently, bran rice has drawn in a lot of interest as modern studies revealed its benefits. Bran rice was but always just a way of life in south India, an unsung hero!

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