Month: November 2015

Balancing the Agni of Digestion and staying healthy!

Ayurveda believes that good digestion is the basis of good health. Imbalances in Agni, the digestive fire, cause imbalances in health. Agni is also the fifth element – one of the 5 building blocks of the universe and the centre of awareness, intelligence and nutrition in the human body.

Every morsel we eat nourishes the Agni. An improper Agni could lead to accumulation of toxins and poor health.

But you can set things right with some simple lifestyle changes.

Balancing the Agni of Digestion and staying healthy
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Staying Healthy this winter

It is winter! We in South India welcome this season of the year joyously. This time of the year, we get a respite from the scorching sun and get to enjoy misty mornings and shorter days.

As much as winters are blissful, we need to understand that this weather is also the reason for various illnesses. In the south, our bodies are not geared for this.

But there is good news! Ayurveda believes that winter is the best time to build our immunity. A simple, sensible diet can actually build immunity and help us enjoy this beautiful season without a care!

staying healthy this winter
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