Month: November 2017

10 ways to make your child a happy eater

Children's day- 10 ways to make your child a happy eater

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Is your child a happy eater or an unhappy eater? Picky eaters are not born, they are made. This can make eating as an unhealthy and unhappy as a process When the issue is not address in the formative years of 2-12 years of a kid’s life,it may lead to many issues including obesity,attention disorders and depression eating disorders when kids grow up into teen. During one of my nutrition lectures I had asked a class of students ”Do your mother let you eat whatever she cooks at home?”And pat came a reply from a girl “Let us?”she roared “ she makes us eat!”. Continue reading

Immunity Boosting Foods

Immunity Boosting Foods

Looking to fight off the infections spreading around in the office or your kids’ school? Well, then, take the first step to boost your family’s immunity by first stopping by at your grocery store! Your diet plays a major part in strengthening your immune system and feeding your body the right foods is where it all begins.

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