A note on Karkitaka kanji koottu

In the month of aadi/ karkataka/pre-monsoon and monsoon, all the body balancing humors get vitiated, resulting in metabolic deviations in every susceptible cell of a living body. The climatic changes, (whether it rains or not) affects all the living beings including humans, animals and plants. It is very much apparent from the illness scores presenting during the season- starting from a mild stomach upset to the severest of disorders. It’s seen there are new disease outbreaks along with the recurring episodes of dormant chronic diseases making the person troubled.

A note on Karkitaka kanji koottu

This vitiation affects body, mind and spirit together. The advent of this season brings down the overall strength and immunity of a person to a minimal level. Moreover the food (plant /animal products) available during this season does not contribute to bring about equilibrium of the vitiated doshas (body balancing humors) as they themselves have undergone changes. All types of food- veg or non-veg procured and consumed in this season have to be carefully and hygienically utilized.

One special food combination from the Ayurvedic text- Karkitaka kanji koottu

Karkitaka kanji koottu is a preparation to prevent the inequillibrium of doshas which inevitably happens in the month of aadi/karkataka.

21 herbs in the ingredients are designed suitably to meet the individual needs to maintain overall health. The herbs are potent antibiotics with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Consumption of this kanji maintains every system of the body, giving special care to the digestion and metabolism, individual organ care and maintains proper system functioning. It is good for all people irrespective of the kind of illness, even in the case of multi system disorders. Enhancement of immunity and strength can be visibly noted when consumed regularly.