Amla powder is good for weight loss

Amla, Scientifically called as Emblica Officinalis  is widely available in India and used for preparing many ayurvedic formulations, and widely used as supplements and culinary purposes. Due to its potency and medicinal qualities, Amla which is used in powder form is very useful in various health issues. Among multiple qualities and pharmacological properties, Amla Powder is predominant in Antioxidant, Hypolipidaemic, Antiartherosclerotic, Antifunal, and Antiinflammatory properties.Hence it is used in various health issues like digestive disorders, to promote weight loss in obesity individuals, and various skin disorders, and even to prevent hair fall.

In classical Ayurveda, Amla usage is highly appreciated as the best rejuvenator and it is critically acclaimed by healthcare professionals and many personal users of Amla. It is being used in various classical forms, i.e in the form of Churna or fine powder, or in the form of fresh juice. Amla Juice benefit for weight loss is noticed significantly when combined with general exercises.

Amla is very ideal for the purpose of weight loss that is due to its Hypolipidaemic properties. The weight gain or obesity maybe associated with hypercholesterolemia or fatty liver and Amla will take its course of action to balance and improve metabolism and to reduce obesity and promote weight loss in obese persons.

The consumption of Amla churna or Amla in the form of Amla juice will be in different forms, ideally consuming in the morning time with lukewarm water would help to correct metabolism and even triggers suitable basal metabolic rate which is essential to maintain weight.Amla Powder can be consumed even to prevent unwanted weight gain. Or if individuals who want to prevent weight gain. Even Amla can be consumed with Natural Honey for better results. The duration, however can be maintained as long term so as to get better results.