Arthritis and Ginger

Arthritis is actually an inflammation of the joints, which involves abrasion of the bones directly onto each other without a layer of cartilage in between as a cushion. The word ‘itis’ means inflammation. There are over a hundred types of arthritis that have been defined and all of them involve an inflammation.

Arthritis and Ginger

Soothe the pain

Besides the external medical treatment, it is most important to be supplying one’s diet with the right kind of foods, as there are many foods in the form of leaves and roots, which could soothe the symptoms of Arthritis. Ginger, a root, is particularly one such product.

Benefits towards Arthritis

Ginger’s medicinal benefits have been known for long. It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and this is exactly the trait that helps soothe the pain brought on by arthritis. Ayurveda is centered on solving the actual causative problem rather than abate the symptoms. Ginger is recommended by Ayurveda, as it brings down the inflammation of the joints, rather than functioning as a pain killer to screen the patient from the pain.

Easy and tasty

Ginger can be introduced into the body easily, in many ways through the diet. It can be added to recipes in the shredded or crushed form or can be added to drinking water or can be consumed along with tea or coffee. Some even recommend taking a bath in water infused with ginger to reduce the pain caused by Arthritis! We have a natural ginger product called ginger coffee, which is actually made with no coffee beans or caffeine in it. It makes a wonderful and tasty beverage that could be consumed every day. If you’d like to taste some soon, order today!