Aval Dosa – Gluten-free, savoury pancakes made with beaten rice

Aval or beaten rice or flattened rice or poha, is an easily digestible, filling, energy-rich food used in various forms, sweet or savoury. They are essentially rice flakes. Thickness of the flakes varies from very thin and translucent to thicker than a regular rice grain.

Aval Dosa

Aval is dry. So it needs to be slightly rehydrated before use. A sprinkle of milk or water can do the trick. Or, they can be used as is in dishes like chivda, or can be added straight into various batters prepared for dosa or idli or appams. Aval can be soaked and ground into milk to make a very refreshing drink. It can be easily incorporated into various snacks and meals. Aval makes for a light and quick snack, leaving you feeling full for a longer time. It can be stored long-term and does not require preserving.

Aval nanachath or Aval vilayichath are dishes from Kerala that use aval, coconut, sesame seeds, jaggery with other optional additions like dahlia and banana. They can be spiked with condiments and spices. Cardamom is the go-to spice for a fancier version of the same dishes. Dried ginger or cumin can sometimes be added to help digestion. This is a great snack when you need an energy boost. It is packed with carbs and protein and can be made in a jiffy. This can turn into a lunchbox favourite, as well.

Let’s have a go at Aval Dosa. This recipe makes a very easy dosa batter made of aval. The batter does not require the usual overnight fermentation — it can be used instantly — making this an easy breakfast option. This batter turns out soft, fluffy dosas that go very well with tomato or mint chutney.

Aval Dosa
Soaking time: 4 hours to 8 hours
Preparation time: 10 mins (to grind batter)

White Rice (or use the same variety you usually use for idlis) – 2 cups
Thick aval or poha – 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds – ½ teaspoon
Sour curds – 1 cup
Salt – To Taste
Baking Soda – ¼ teaspoon

Soak the washed rice and aval together in a large bowl with the fenugreek seeds, curds and 4 cups of water. Soak it for a minimum of 4-8 hours, for softer results.

Grind the rice, poha and fenugreek well. Reserve the liquid they were soaked in. Use the liquid as necessary while grinding to get the batter to fall in the consistency of regular dosa batter. Add salt and stir well.

Before making dosas with this batter, add baking soda and mix well. Your Aval Dosa batter is ready.

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