Aval, the Nutritious!

Aval, our humble cereal, has been around for ages. It is often described as flattened rice or light dry flakes of rice. Apart from being readily available, Aval is a digestible raw form of rice that absorbs liquids and swells up, much to the delight of those who eat it!


Nutritious Aval
The process of making Aval contributes in making it more nutritious. When Aval is made, rice is parboiled, beaten thin and dried for about 2 days. This causes the upper part of the grain to ferment, making the rice in pro-biotic bacteria and Vitamin D. The pro-biotic elements are not present in the conventional form of rice and this certainly gives Aval an uppercut. Aval is also found to be rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C and dietary fibre.

An Alternative Breakfast Dish
A healthy breakfast is key in managing an active lifestyle. Don’t skip breakfast since there is no time to prepare. Instead have Aval.

Aval can be made into many breakfast dishes and as mentioned earlier, it can absorb fluids well and this qualifies it to be a healthy breakfast cereal to be consumed along with milk. Many consume Aval along with jaggery instead of adding table sugar, which makes the dishes even more wholesome.

The Aval dishes are quick to conjure up too, unlike traditional rice recipes which require longer times, as Aval can be consumed raw and requires hardly any cooking! Some add the Indian tadka to it and make upma or poha. In some parts of India, Aval is consumed along with yoghurt. The quick cooking time, or say the absence of it, makes Aval a great snack.

Thus Aval fits the bill perfectly for an ideal breakfast dish; in terms of cooking time and energy content – it is an ideal alternative for those pressed for time in the mornings.

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