Balancing the Agni of Digestion and staying healthy!

Ayurveda believes that good digestion is the basis of good health. Imbalances in Agni, the digestive fire, cause imbalances in health. Agni is also the fifth element – one of the 5 building blocks of the universe and the centre of awareness, intelligence and nutrition in the human body.

Every morsel we eat nourishes the Agni. An improper Agni could lead to accumulation of toxins and poor health.

But you can set things right with some simple lifestyle changes.

Balancing the Agni of Digestion and staying healthy

Eat right

Eat only when hungry, as this supports the digestive fire. Savour your food and pay attention to it while eating. A simple, easy- to-digest diet promotes appetite and balances the Agni.

Avoid foods that inhibit the Agni

Heavy foods and foods with a lot of caffeine can be bad for you. Contrary to popular thought, drinking too much fluid, also dilutes the Agni. Water must not be consumed in huge quantities during a meal or immediately after it.

Kindle the Agni prior to eating

A short walk before eating can do wonders! It ensures that the nutrition from the food is absorbed well. Drinking a cup or two of water as soon as you wake up also cleanses your system and balances the Agni.

Support the digestion

Once you have had a meal, it is important that the body is supported well, afterwards. A walk after a meal can really help! Sipping ginger coffee, through the day can greatly help too!

Proper exercise and fresh air

Of course, nothing can beat proper exercise. Agni is kindled when the body relaxes and you breathe deeply.

To know more about Agni and foods that aid in digestion, please feel free to get in touch with us.