Chillies are very much associated with the Asian cuisine and the different Indian cuisines, where they have long been an integral part. They are believed to have originated in the American continents and were brought to Asia by the Portuguese. The chilly has now spread across the world and can be found in nearly every vegetable store.


Types of uses

Chillies contribute a lot of flavor and heat to the dishes they are used in. They are used in a variety of ways as well. Some people like to chop them up and use them straight. Some dry them before using or even powder, for a different sort of flavour. In the south of India, chillies are even dipped in curd and dried to make ‘thairmulaku’, which is popularly consumed along with buttermilk in the summers. In the Indian curries, it is common for chillies to be used in their powdered form.


Chillies are loaded with antioxidants which are very beneficial for our bodies. They also have the capsaicin, Vitamin C and carotenoids which may help regulate the body’s insulin levels. Chillies detoxify the body as well and causes the body to release endorphins upon consumption, making them pain killers. Chillies are also known to fight heart and lung diseases. Their entire known list of benefits is actually very long to list.

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  • Singh Gurpratap

    Why don’t u cultivate stevia n process this product for those wanting sugar free foods