Dahashanthi, this summer!

What would you do when the summer hits you hard and you need to have more than the usual amount of water? You’d just drink plain water mostly, wouldn’t you? Now how about spiking this water with some wonderful ayurvedic herbs and spices? This would mean that you’d be drinking your regular drinking water as usual, but with each sip, a little bit of Ayurvedic goodness will be going into you, nourishing you and helping you re-hydrate even sooner than drinking plain water! We have such a product for you – you can consume it by boiling it with your drinking water. It is completely natural and imparts a wonderful hue as well! It is called Dahashanthi – the ideal summer drink.


Nearly effortless Ayurvedic reinforcement

The recommended daily amount of water to be had per person is about 2-3 litres. This is actually a great opportunity! You can ‘enhance’ all this water that you drink each day with Dahashanthi and this would mean that a lot of good things are going into your body – reinforcing your body almost effortlessly! Pathimugham is one of the ingredients of Dahashanthi and it has excellent thirst quenching properties; something much needed in the summers.

Beyond summer

It is not just for the summer that we recommend Dahashanthi. It can be an everyday thing which is healthy and helps you detox – a little bit of ancient Ayurveda in every gulp of daily drinking water!

If you’d like to buy Dahashanthi, it is available on our online store.