Ginger Coffee as natural beverage

Ginger Coffee

Ginger is a common rhizome available widely in India and it has classical references for its better use in Ayurvedic formulations. Basically, it is used in a wet form in culinary purposes; however it is used in the dry powder form for various medicinal purposes. Ginger is said to be quite effective in digestive system disorders and it is even called as Baishajya for that matter as it acts as medicine. The extract of ginger like Zingerone is useful to promote digestion and to prevent gastric related disorders like diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, indigestion etc.

The pharmacological action of a ginger is to improve motility in the gastrointestinal tract which helps to regulate bowel movements.

The dry ginger powder which is processed and used as ginger coffee as herbal beverages. Ginger Coffee when used as a natural beverage helps to lower the cholesterol due to its blood thinning property and hypolipidimic property. Also, Ginger as natural decoction helps to control diabetes, hence it is highly indicated in diabetes and its prevention.

Due to its analgesic nature, and due to its coolant property, ginger is even considered as cardiac friendly due to presence of rich niacin or vitamin B3*, hence it is also considered as Rasayana or rejuvenator.

Along with dry ginger, Sanjeevanam Ginger Coffee contains dry pepper, and long pepper which are having digestive and carminative properties. Sanjeevanam Ginger Coffee has the best combination that helps to promote digestion and acts as good cardiac tonic. Due to pepper’s hepatoprotective nature, it helps to prevent viral infections, and even helps to prevent chronic cough or respiratory illnesses.

If consumed as herbal beverage, Sanjeevanam Ginger Coffee helps to stimulate appetite, promotes digestion, and soothens body and mind and it is even a good cardiac tonic, and its anti-inflammatory properties will help to control inflammation of  the joints.