Healthy Food Tips for Diwali

Healthy Food Tips for Diwali
Diwali is indeed a season full of joy, happiness and festivities. Don’t spoil with guilt and fear of tasting amazing varieties of food .Festivals are meant to break the monotony of our lives. Indian food wisdom has never promoted bad health .Our food culture is infused with brilliant food ideas that allows us to indulge in these goodies without affecting our basic health. Rather,it is the drastic life style and food style changes that has brought us to think that such festive snacking leads to health issues.

Here are a few tips keep you fit during the Diwali season!

1.Sweets: Sweets that are home-made can be relatively harmless. Dry-fruits ,milk with ghee sweets can be a better alternative to too sugary and oily ones that are made of refined flours like Besan or Maida. Also go for healthier versions of same sweets using palm candy and jaggery instead of white sugar. Use millet flours as a combination with refined flours.It will add that much needed fibre too. Unless you are a Diabetic never go for ‘sugar-free’ sweets. Also try using more fruits and veggies in sweet format. Increase the fibre and good minerals at the same time and that are good for Diabetics too.Ghee is great on polyphenols ,anti-oxidants and have a healing effect.Just use them prudently.

Try Sanjeevanam Sweets this Diwali,you want to know WHY?

They are made of unrefined sugars like Palm candy and palm jaggery. Also the ingredients used are pure and natural like the flours, ghee and are made with love and care. Enjoy these delicious Sweets for a guilt-free experience or just eat more with Sanjeevanam Sweets!!

Read on for more tips for happy and healthy Diwali.

2. Savories: Use unrefined flours such as millet flours such as red-rice as the main ingredient. Choose a combination of oil like vegetable oil with sesame oil for frying as far as possible. Do not forget to add Jeera or cumin seed, Ajwain,Til seeds in them. They not only enhance the taste but also aid in digestion .Try baking a few of the savouries .Adding nuts is good for providing good vitamins ,good fats and anti-oxidants.A South Indian mixture can have walnuts and Ragi flakes, the North Indian Chiwda can have dried dates and Bajra flakes.Diabetics can safely have all grain falkes that are baked.Just spice up the mixture.Do not forget to add humble Curry leaves in all savouries.You will be surprised to know the anti-oxidant effect of this that aids in reducing fat too.Use Gingelly oil/coconut oil with any vegetable oil you use in a ratio of 20:80 for deep frying to get better fat retention and better digestion..

3.Re-hydrate: The rise in environmental temperatures due to bursting of crackers and eating of high-fat and sweet laden foods can be highly de-hydrating. There will be a considerable rise in BMR levels heating up the body.Drink loads of water –which is both a rehydrant and a detoxifier. Keep drinking some in the intervals. If you are bored up with plain water try fruit flavourings or mint. Also take generous servings of curd. Try water invigorated with lemon,Tulsi,orange or ginger. Keep some bananas for an immediate acid neutralizer.

4.Eat a wholesome meal: Your meals can become a big factor during these sweet and at munching days. A good meal with some whole dals/legumes, veggies ,rice or chappathis with a fruit can be very satisfying and can stuff you up in a such a way that your mid-meal munching will go down naturally. A wholesome meal becomes a natural detoxifier.Raithas and salada can do the magic.Green tea is a great leveler and a great anti-oxidant too. Just drink them when your tummy is not empty.

5.Eat fresh: Make sure you are eating freshly home made preparations. Preferably with zero preservatives and no chemicals. Also keep those home-made Churans/Leghiyams handy in case your cravings take over the better of you. Our very Diwali Marundhu( a medicinal concoction) is a traditional preparation used in south India , a must-have during the ‘glory gobble’ days.

6.Exercise well: Take walks and just try burn out those calories. Take a game out with your kids or just play hard with your friends. This helps in a big way to control the accumulation of unused fats and can prevent the heaviness in a great way.

7. More tips: Plan some family events to bring people together. Destress and have sometime of your own. Manage food wastage well. If your homes are over-flowing with sweets and food , try to give away who deserve them in some part of the town even while they are fresh. Crackers are a must but cut down a little to have a less polluted atmosphere.Decorating your homes with more flowers and Rangoli can infuse loads of positive energy.

Festivals are meant to be enjoyed with happiness and fun. Just don’t let the guilt come in the way. Try celebrating an eco-friendly one and take some time out for charity and spirituality.Have a safe one too.