Healthy Habits for the Eyes

Our eyes are some most important organs that we have. They are very delicate and need all the care they can get. Alochaka Pitta is what the controls the eyes and as time progresses, it becomes less balanced and hence, care is required throughout our lives.

Healthy Habits for the Eyes

Good Practices

It is to be understood that using the eyes, or say when one is ‘looking’, there are always eye muscles at work in the eyes and just like any other muscle in our bodies, work causes strain. The key here is to understand it, while one is straining the eyes, so as to avoid prolonging the strain anymore. Here are some insights.

Close and far Objects

One should not ever be staring at distant objects for long. The gaze must be diverted often to avoid strain. This is to be observed when looking at objects that are very close as well and this is of particular interest, as most cases of nearsightedness or Myopia, are caused by watching TV up close. Ideally, it should be further away than 10 feet but should not be too far out either. The idea roughly is to avoid extremes.

Optimum Lighting

An everyday aspect we can control to help our eyes is the intensity of light in the rooms we are in. Too much of bright light hitting the eye can strain. Also, as it is often heard, one must never read in dim light or even in the bright sunshine. One must take care, when around reflective surfaces like water, and here again, like while watching TV, one must not stare for too long at anything that is up close or too far. The use of good quality sunglasses certainly does help screen out a lot of light.

Sleeping Enough

Sleep is another factor that has a lot of influence on the health of our eyes. Sleeping late in the nights and waking up for work early missing out on hours of sleep does not help the cause at all. It is very fair to say that the importance of sleep in eye care can never be over emphasized.

Food for the Eyes

We are what we eat. Ultimately, the very atoms that make up our food go around to make up our bodies as well, and hence, we may look at our diets as powerful tools that may be used to manage our bodies and everything in it.
As it is well known, Vitamin A is what your eyes need the most. Carrots are an excellent source for them. Sprouted chickpeas, apple, radish and leafy vegetables are all great for the eyes. Also, keep away from caffeinated beverages and increase your antioxidant intake. A coffee may seem comforting, but it actually dehydrates the body.

If you’d like to look for non-dehydrating beverages, our products like Ginger Coffee, Dhania Coffee are drinks that are caffeine free and are all natural and we hear often that they are very tasty! Dahashanthi, another product of ours, is a great option here if you are looking at something to drink throughout the day.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Netradhara and Netra tarpanam are rejuvenating therapies for the eyes that help strengthen the eye muscles, enhance the alochaka pitta, maintain the intra-ocular pressure, improve the vision and prevent cataract. To know more about these and about keeping your eyes in good health, please visit Sanjeevanam.