Is Warm Water Always Better than Cold Water?

Ayurveda has always advocated the use of warm water for our consumption. Warm water comes with a lot of benefits indeed and there are many amongst us who completely avoid drinking even slightly cold water on the warmest of days! But is that the best thing to do? Yes and No… But we’ll begin by telling why ‘Yes’.


Warm water is:

A pain reliever

Due to the increased blood flow in the body tissues, which is induced by the warm water, there is pain relief experienced. Menstruating women are known to put this aspect of warm water to use

An anti-inflammatory

Warm water soothes aggravated kapha helping reduce inflammations in the body.

A fighter against constipation

Warm water facilitates bowel movement by stimulating the blood flow to the intestines and this alleviates constipation.

A detoxifier

Warm water helps to get rid of the harmful toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. For this, warm water should be consumed early in the morning.

Aids digestion

Having a glass of warm water in the morning also kicks the metabolism into gear and this gets the digestive system going smoothly.

Does this mean cold water is never safe and you should stick to warm water always?

No. While warm water does come with a lot of benefits it doesn’t mean that you should never ever drink cold water. Cold water does indeed bring down the level of Agni, and it is not a very favourable thing for our bodies. However, when the body is warm in hot weather or from exercise or a strenuous physical activity, it is good to avoid warm water as the body is already heated up. In these contexts, it is safe to drink cold water(not chilled water, but water that is around room temperature) to bring down the body heat.

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