Jeerakam – Nature’s best tonic

According to Ayurveda, Cumin or Jeerakam is the one that can balance the 3 doshas. In India, Cumin has a history of more than 5000 years and it is one of those ingredients that is most commonly used, every day in Indian cuisine. Ayurveda also calls it nature’s best tonic and the word meaning of ‘Jeera’ in Sanskrit is ‘that which helps with digestion’.

Jeerakam - Nature’s best tonic

Cumin…loaded with good health!

Cumin can actually be consumed raw or in the roasted form, as seen in many Indian dishes and always, care is taken to avoid too much heat while it is being roasted so as to retain all possible goodness. Its benefits are endless to list. Cumin is an excellent source of Manganese, Iron and Minerals. It has anti-oxidant properties, helps with digestion and fights against memory loss. Also, it is no secret that Cumin is an excellent digestive and promotes weight loss. It can detoxify and increases lactation in new mothers – it is one of the best postnatal care medicines and provides relief from abdominal cramps as well! The black variety of Cumin is the one which is more potent and beneficial.

Cumin…the seed that cures!

Other benefits of Cumin that are not well known include anti-flatulent properties and high fibre content. Ayurveda recognizes the fact that Cumin kindles the gastric fire Agni, which is again the reason for it being an excellent digestive. Modern research has found out that cumin helps with the healthy functioning of the pancreas and the liver as well, so as to secrete the bile required for digestion. Also, roasted cumin powder can cure ulcerative colitis.

In short, the tiny Cumin seed is big on benefits! It is certainly one of those wonderful gifts of nature. Include cumin in your diet daily, to reap the benefits! Please do feel free to contact us, if you would like to know anything more.