Manage your body heat in Summer!

What you eat and what you drink can make all the difference to the way you feel and actually sets of a chain of chemical reactions in your body. Some of these chemicals are exothermic, causing heat to be released into the body whereas some, are endothermic and draw heat from the body. In the peak of the Indian summer, it becomes particularly important to adjust the diet so as to make the heat manageable.

Water, not cold water, is great

Pitta dosha controls the metabolism of our bodies and therefore this includes digestion and the body’s heat. This dosha is made of fire and water and hence drinking water that is not too cold on a hot day might balance the level of the elements and restore the water level. Iced drinks, however, are a different story and they are best avoided (especially during meals) as they totally douse the digestive fire!

It would be quite useful to know a thing or two about the nature of the foods consumed so at to be able to skillfully manage the diet.

Sweet, astringent, bitter foods will help

Yes! Pick sweet, astringent and bitter tasting foods in the summer. Spicy, salty and sour foods must be kept away. Milk and milk products in general, are all foods that draw heat from the body but however, yogurt and sour cream consumption should be very minimal. Fully ripe mangoes, grapes, watermelons are sweet and juicy options to keep the heat away.

Cut down on dried ginger and mustard seeds in your cooking. Using spices like fennel and coriander in cooking can also go a long way towards reducing body heat. Consume foods warm and never too hot. One can also sip on astringent beverages like our Dhania coffee multiple times in the day to help manage the heat further.

If you’d like to know more about the summer diet, please do get in touch with us.