Nourishing the brain, Ayurvedically.

In the human body, a very large number of chemical reactions take place, every second, and the human brain is the centre of all the electrochemical activity. The brain uses up nutrients for its functioning and keeping the levels replenished would only mean better brain functioning. Instead of consuming these unnaturally in the form of man-made chemicals, it is best to source the nutrients as nature intended, for the best and here are 3 pointers towards it.


Consume natural foods

Ayurveda recommends the consumption of naturally sourced foods as they make our brains function the best. Processed foods fall short in retaining many bits that are very important for the brain’s proper functioning. Adopting whole foods into the diet would be the way to go about this.

Your antioxidants must come from reinforcement foods alone

One’s antioxidants must not be coming from man-made food supplements bought over the counter, but rather straight from nature. Consuming lightly cooked vegetables and fruits are the best ways to go about it. The free radicals that are present in the body in excess get eliminated this way; a great favor towards to the proper functioning and well-being of the brain. Eating fresh fruits also improve brain power.

Eat more healthy fat

Ayurveda does indeed give a lot of importance to ghee, which is a healthy fat. It has a heat based advantage as well, as it does not break into free radicals when heated up as part of cooking. Ghee is a good source of fatty acids for the body and contributes much to the brain’s functioning. Nuts and almonds are also great sources of healthy fat.

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