Ghee- as food & medicine

Ayurveda is the most ancient, continuously practiced healthcare discipline in the world. In ancient ayurvedic literature, a number of references are available with regard to the testing of drugs and food on animals, for evaluating their safety, before administration on human beings; ensuring their wise use. As per Ayurveda,Ghee, specifically cow’s ghee, is something to be taken from Day One of human life. Though the quantity differs with every person, it is one among the 10 food substances mentioned in the classics as essential to be included in the diet. It is also an essential ingredient in any Ayurvedic formulation.

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Nourishing the brain, Ayurvedically.

In the human body, a very large number of chemical reactions take place, every second, and the human brain is the centre of all the electrochemical activity. The brain uses up nutrients for its functioning and keeping the levels replenished would only mean better brain functioning. Instead of consuming these unnaturally in the form of man-made chemicals, it is best to source the nutrients as nature intended, for the best and here are 3 pointers towards it.

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Dahashanthi, this summer!

What would you do when the summer hits you hard and you need to have more than the usual amount of water? You’d just drink plain water mostly, wouldn’t you? Now how about spiking this water with some wonderful ayurvedic herbs and spices? This would mean that you’d be drinking your regular drinking water as usual, but with each sip, a little bit of Ayurvedic goodness will be going into you, nourishing you and helping you re-hydrate even sooner than drinking plain water! We have such a product for you – you can consume it by boiling it with your drinking water. It is completely natural and imparts a wonderful hue as well! It is called Dahashanthi – the ideal summer drink.


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Manage your body heat in Summer!

What you eat and what you drink can make all the difference to the way you feel and actually sets of a chain of chemical reactions in your body. Some of these chemicals are exothermic, causing heat to be released into the body whereas some, are endothermic and draw heat from the body. In the peak of the Indian summer, it becomes particularly important to adjust the diet so as to make the heat manageable.

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