Pain Management

Pain is a feeling triggered in the nervous system. Pain may be sharp or dull. It may come and go, or it may be constant. You may feel pain in one area of your body or you may feel pain all over. It can be even a deviation from your mental wellbeing. Pain can be helpful in diagnosing a problem. Pain must be relieved by taking care of the problem or cause of the disease rather than mere suppressing it. However, sometimes pain goes on for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes chronic pain is due to an ongoing cause, such as cancer or arthritis. Sometimes the cause is unknown. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat pain. Treatment varies depending on the cause of pain. We advocate pain relieving herbal drugs, special Ayurvedic treatment and sometimes surgery which will be referred.
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Though presented as a main disease, Pain inflammation and fever results from a self-defense mechanism of human body. There is a complex biochemical pathway which, once stimulated by an external or internal cause will lead to the production of prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators whose initial effect is pain and tissue destruction, followed by healing and recovery. They have various roles in inflammation, fever, regulation of blood pressure, blood clotting, and immune system modulation, control of reproductive processes and tissue growth, and regulation of the sleep/wake cycle.

Ayurvedic drugs and treatment interfere the biochemical pathways as well reduces the formation of factors responsible for inflammation, pain, fever, and blood clotting. The herbal drugs and treatment have a special action in a cellular and genetic level so as to reduce the inflammatory process, heal the injured cell and expel the cause responsible for the internal injury. Depending on the site, pattern and severity of the condition, drugs are selected and the route of administration is determined.

Pain management mainly includes the below Ayurvedic Treatments:-

Helpful in removing stiffness and toxins accumulated in the outer layers of skin. Herbal drugs volatile contents and other constituents are absorbed into the body reducing pain and inflammation.

Same as udwartanam, with some added benefits of quick absorption of drugs and oil used, so as to provide a moisturizing effect to inner cells of your body thereby removing toxins, rejuvenating, healing and arresting the ageing process.

Depending on the condition, severity, disease, area and the person, the type of kizhi will be decided. All the external treatments work along the same principles with mild variation in their outcome. They have an extra benefit of a passive exercise.

Dhara :
Persons who are very weak and cannot even withstand a small movement this treatment is helpful.

Mainly for neurological conditions and diseases related to brain and mind. Here medicine absorbed through scalp and give instant results.

Done mainly for disease above the neck region. Here medicine in drops, absorbed through the nasal pathway. It gives immediate result.

Here medicines are absorbed via venous plexus and is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, giving fast immediate relief.

By: Dr.Neethu Sen, MD (Ayur)hu Sen, MD (Ayur)