Pathimugham, the blood purifier

It has found a place in revered Ayurvedic texts –the Ashtangahridayam, the Sahasrayogyam and the Dhanwantari Nikhandu. Surprisingly, Pathimugham, the tree with wonderful medicinal properties and magical healing powers has never been in the media eye!

Pathimugham, or East Indian Rosewood, is a medicinal tree also used to make natural dye. The hard, heart wood of the tree is the medicinal part and when boiled with water, it disinfects it. When you drink it, it offers a host of healing benefits!

Pathimugham the blood purifier

So how do you use it?

The human body requires about 2 litres of water a day and ideally, the drinking water should be warm so as to stimulate the digestive Agni. In the south, we do boil water with medicinal stems, barks and roots. In olden times, Pathimugham was also added and enjoyed.

When added to water, Pathimugham adds a light pink colour. It tastes good too!

And how does it help?

Pathimugham is an excellent thirst quencher. But it has more to offer! It is a prophylactic and its wood powder is used to reduce pain and swellings caused by external injuries.
It is also used to treat certain conditions of the blood, namely dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea and to reduce abdominal pain in women, following child- birth.

Where can you buy it?

Pathimugham is one of the ingredients of our product Dahashanthi. It is a very easy and convenient way to enhance your daily water intake. You can drink it all day! Check it out for yourself! Try it today!