Ragi – Nutrition and Benefits

The scientists have named it Eleusine Coracana. Some call it the red millet, the African finger millet, Caracan millet and many other names. In India, it is widely known as ‘Ragi’ and it is known to have been cultivated at Hallur in Karnataka, way back in the Iron Age! Ragi is still the staple food of the state of Karnataka and is consumed in the form of many dishes. The harvested millets are known for their exceptional traits that aid in their storage. They are seldom attacked by molds or insects and makes it an important crop in the risk avoidance strategy of traditional farmers.


Ragi’s Nutritional value

Ragi is very much valued for its nutritional value. It contains the amino acid methionine and has 7.6 g of protein for every 100 g of it. It is also a rich source of Calcium, Iron and fibre. In terms of energy content, it ranks higher than most other cereals and this makes it an apt food for infants and the elderly; no coincidence in it being widely recommended by paediatricians as baby food in South India. Also, Ragi has the property to cool the body – a much-needed thing in south India and it aids weight loss, which is a main reason for its surge of popularity in the recent years.

Various Ragi dishes

The list of ragi dishes is almost endless. In Karnataka, it is popularly consumed as ‘mudde’ and in Kerala, as ‘puttu’. Ragi flour can be made into dosas, rotis and idlis. Ragi contributes to many of the wonderful south Indian breakfast dishes, being the primary ingredient in those. It is also made into ‘koozh’, a porridge which is a popular summer drink and a staple in the diet of many farming communities.

Ragi is also religiously significant, as in the state of Tamil Nadu, koozh is considered to be the favourite food of goddess Kali. It would be a fair thing to consider that Ragi is a produce that is apt for the inhabitants of south India to live healthy upon – the advantages of keeping the body cool in tropical south Indian weather is tremendous! A cool body can mean everything really and can benefit human productivity and the total the quality of life. The high energy levels Ragi provides during the day and the weight loss benefits certainly add loads to this. If you are new to Ragi, be sure to look at Ragi recipes online. There are plenty are most are very easy and quick to be made. Our ragi powder can be turned into great dishes to start your day. Order yourself some, today!