The secret to good health lies in the tiny black pepper!

Black Pepper is the one spice that has always been referred to as the king of spices and is one which has a lot of health benefits that are not really well known. It is a common ingredient in the Indian, Thai, Chinese and Continental cuisines and no one ever seems to have soup without it! Here are some of the benefits of black pepper that you simply have to know!

The secret to good health lies in the tiny black pepper!

Health benefits

Unlike black pepper’s most common companion salt, pepper is a diuretic. It does not favour water retention. It also stimulates the body to sweat more and hence is a positive agent towards detox as sweating aids the body’s waste disposal.

When black pepper is consumed, signals are sent to the stomach via the taste buds to increase the production of Hydrochloric acid. This extra acidity helps digest food better. This also prevents the formation of gases in the stomach.

Anti Anorexic

Pepper is excellent for those suffering from light anorexia as it restores hunger and also renews the taste buds. It is also popularly used against chest congestion by consuming it along with hot tea. Black pepper is a kitchen remedy too! It has the ability to clot blood and this application of black pepper relies on its anti-bacterial property.


Black pepper, along with long pepper and ginger, makes the herbal concoction called Trikatu, which is used in many Ayurvedic formulations. It is excellent for pacifying kapha and vatha. Black pepper also helps the transport of oxygen to the brain and maintains the health of the human respiratory system.

Get black pepper into your diet, if you haven’t already! Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about black pepper’s benefits.