Staying Healthy this winter

It is winter! We in South India welcome this season of the year joyously. This time of the year, we get a respite from the scorching sun and get to enjoy misty mornings and shorter days.

As much as winters are blissful, we need to understand that this weather is also the reason for various illnesses. In the south, our bodies are not geared for this.

But there is good news! Ayurveda believes that winter is the best time to build our immunity. A simple, sensible diet can actually build immunity and help us enjoy this beautiful season without a care!

staying healthy this winter

The 3 Types of Immunity

Ayurveda classifies one’s immunity into three classes – Sahaj, Kalaj and Yuktikrit. Sahaj is the immunity one is born with and hence cannot be changed. Kalaj is the one that fluctuates with the course of life and Yuktikrit is the level of immunity that one might possibly attain with an Ayurvedic lifestyle. It is Kalaj, that must be strengthened as it is the one that fluctuates with the seasons.

How to boost immunity, naturally

Simple additions in your diet can actually help boost immunity.

For instance, did you know that honey has the power to ward off cough and cold? Have a spoonful every morning. You will feel the difference!

Ginger and garlic have proven medicinal properties. Adding a little more ginger and garlic to your diet this season can go a long way.

Another wonder of nature is the Amla. According to Ayurveda, the Amla fruit improves Ojas, the essence of radiance, vigor, good health and longevity.

Last but not the least,the perfect way to enjoy the winter is by sipping herbal coffees with Dhania and Thulasi. Our Dhania Coffee and Thulasi Coffee are two beverages that we have specially created for the winter. They are great- tasting and filled with goodness. The best part is they are completely natural too!

So go ahead…browse our page. Order our products backed by the science of Ayurveda. Stay healthy and happy through this winter!