The Powers of Dhania

Dhania is known as Cilantro, the world over. The herb looks very unassuming but is actually a powerful one; loaded with micronutrients and nutritional elements, contains dietary fibre, vitamins and also minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.


The Anti-Diabetic herb

Dhania offers many health benefits. The medicinal properties of Dhania have been tapped into, since way back. The herb has been mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic and Greek scripts. Hippocrates himself is known to have used it! In Europe, Dhania is often referred to as the Anti-Diabetic plant as the seeds have hypoglycemic effects. It would certainly take more than just one article to cover Dhania’s many medicinal powers.

Many Health Benefits

The leaves of Dhania contain a compound called Coriandrin that helps to manipulate lipid metabolism thereby lowering cholesterol levels. Dhania provides protection against infections of the urinary tract, prevents nausea, lowers blood sugar and aids proper digestion. Of late, studies have found out that Dhania can be used to treat anxiety, panic attacks and depressions. This is due to Dhania’s anxiolytic and sedative effects. It also has the ability to thin the blood. Dhania works against the storage of heavy metals in the body which in turn prevents Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. The benefits just do not end here! The dried form of Dhania is consumed too, mainly for its effects that combat diarrhoea. To sum up, it is one incredible herb that would add to one’s health in many ways if incorporated into the diet.

The Unique taste

Dhania’s taste is a very refreshing one! It has got that intense herbal – greenish – medicinal feeling about it. It is incorporated into many dishes and also consumed in the beverage form as Dhania coffee, a popular traditional drink. Our Dhania Coffee, unlike the name suggests, has no coffee beans in it! A most herbal, caffeine free drink. It would be very fair to describe the taste as divine and of course, it does only good to the body.Order some today and explore the taste and goodness of Dhania!