The Truth about Bran Rice

Bran rice has been around for ages. It has been consumed in the Indian villages for centuries but yet, it is quite a new product in the commercial market of the present times. It was always something that was common in south India. Recently, bran rice has drawn in a lot of interest as modern studies revealed its benefits. Bran rice was but always just a way of life in south India, an unsung hero!


Good news to Bran rice!

Bran, along with the germ is an important part of the whole grain. It contains dietary fibres, phytonutrients – Oryzanol, Tocopherol and more. In the past, all the potential of this bit of the grain couldn’t be completely utilized owing to the rancidity brought in, which was always a risk back in the day. That was also the primary reason for it to be always removed from the rest of the grain as long-time, long-distance transport of the grain was not possible if the bran was still attached. But currently, thanks to numerous stabilization procedures available currently, it is possible to come up with a number of health promoting products derived from bran rice.

It masks ageing!

Bran rice is loaded with benefits which are much needed for the human body. It reduces cholesterol levels, combats cancer, alleviates menopausal and post-menopausal severities and even masks the signs of ageing! The oil made from bran, in terms of benefits, is no competition for the vegetable oils out there! Benefits also include better cardiovascular health, thanks to the Oryzanol present. Bran rice prevents heart diseases like congestive heart failure and fights against heart attacks. The antioxidants present in rice bran do deserve a mention too as they boost the immunity. There is also Vitamin E in the list and it works wonders on improving the whole endocrine system of the human body.

How can you consume it?

In the powdered form, it can be just used like the usual rice powder to make appam, dosa or other such south Indian dishes. Our AVA Care Bran Rice is sold in the powdered form for such a convenience to be possible. Bran rice tastes very inviting really; if you have been regularly eating the usual kind of rice all your life. Many make muffins, pancakes and granola bars out of it. There are thousands of recipes online if would like to look up. If you would like view our product or buy it, please head on to: Our products are 100% natural for the utmost peace of mind. If reading this all has stirred curiosity in you about the taste of bran, perhaps you should just buy some right away!

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