Thulasi Coffee-Holy Beverage


Sanjeevanam Thulasi Coffee has a unique formulation, blended with multiple herbs and natural spices that helps to prevent various respiratory system illnesses.

Thulasi Coffee

Thulasi being top on the list with major part of it is believed to be auspicious with its medicinal aura. Thulasi called as Holy Basil due to its auspicious properties. Thulasi is considered as important herb due to its adoptogenic property which is very important to balance difference systemic processes in our body. Thulasi extract gives strong aroma and due to its astringent taste it gives strong positive impact on health when consumed in different modes.

Sanjeevanam Thulasi Coffee has its own image on properties that reflects on promoting auspicious health. The extracts of fresh Thulasi or in the form of dried powder acts on to treat respiratory illnesses like cough, cold, and phlegm, and also believed to be effective in various skin disorders.

The presence of Oleanolic acids and Ursolic acids in Thulasi is apparently acts as antitumor agents, and has antiviral and hepatoprotective properties, hence Sanjeevanam Thulasi Coffee is ideal to improve metabolism and to prevent various viral infections by boosting the immunity system.

Thulasi extracts reportedly exhibits antibacterial activity against various bacteria like E.Coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus.*

Sanjeevanam Thulasi Coffee, along with Thulasi, there are multiple dried herbs including dry ginger, coriander seeds etc which are helpful in overall health and rejuvenates the body and mind.

Thulasi extracts help to prevent or to control fever of unknown origin, and boosts immunity system on individuals who are susceptible to get such kind of infections or fever, and throat related issues. Hence, Sanjeevanam Thulasi Coffee can be consumed as preventive health beverage.