Why the green gram, is a green signal to good health!

Green gram is also known as the mung bean. It is a small pea shaped bean and is loaded with health. It is a legume that absorbs the flavors of other herbs and spices that are cooked along with it and at the same time, retains their purity as well. Here are some of the notable aspects of green gram.

Why the green gram, is a green signal to good health

Don’t go hungry when on a diet!

If you are the kind who is having trouble losing weight because you feel hungry all the time, then green gram would do you good. You can add green gram to your diet and ward off the hunger without piling on the calories.

Control your BP!

There is a lot of Potassium in green gram and this works against the activities of Sodium in the body, thereby lowering the blood pressure. One cup of cooked green gram contains roughly 537 milligrams of Potassium.

Protein minus the fat

For those who do not consume meat, poultry and eggs, green gram will be an excellent source and it is even less fattening! There is roughly 14g of protein in each cup of green gram.

A non-meat source of iron

According to the WHO, 80% of the world is iron deficient. Children and women are at the most risk and also have the most need for iron. A single cup serving of green gram has about 2.83 milligrams of iron, which is almost comparable with the iron content of a similar quantity of red meat. It is recommended that one consumes foods rich in Vitamin C along with green gram, so as to facilitate proper iron absorption into the body.

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