Why we love Ginger and you should too!

Ginger the underground stem – looks very unassuming if you were to just look at it. Very unremarkable in the looks department; doesn’t really proclaim its glory visually like the apple or orange. Absolutely no revealing visual clues of its powers! Also, it is certainly not the kind of underground stem-like potato or yam which you could cook and consume a whole lot of. This one, demands its respect. Ginger is but a disguised, compact medicine kit, straight from nature! It has been tested over time by the Indian households who have been using it as a home remedy for innumerable situations (a long list actually) from colic to motion sickness and what not! It has always been the grandma remedy for the grandkids’ cold and flu. Let us see what this enchanted underground stem is all about.


The many uses

Ginger is actually a herb – a rhizome to be precise. It contains chemicals that may reduce nausea and inflammation. Research also suggests that though these chemicals primarily work on the stomach and intestines, they also influence the brain and the nervous system at warding off nausea and other ailments. People have been known to use the fresh juice of ginger in treating burns. Some chemicals in ginger have laxative properties which are also made use of by many.

Ginger has got Chromium, magnesium and Zinc which upon consumption leads to better blood circulation. In a study carried out by the University of Minnesota, it was found that ginger could slow the growth rate of colorectal cancer cells. Ginger isn’t just for the stomach alone but works its magic on the respiratory system too. It can expand the lungs and loosen up the phlegm – makes it a wonderful natural expectorant. It also contributes to the well-being of the immune system and consuming a bit of ginger each day can keep away those fatty deposits in the arteries.

Pink ginger?

Of course, there are many ways to ingest it – sneaking it in via foods in small quantities is a very popular option. It’s actually a south Indian practice and is very integral to the cuisine. Ginger is chopped into fine cubes and used along with the other ingredients in many dishes. It is also made into a paste and used. Ginger brings along its flavour and antiseptic properties to the dish. Another widespread and popular way of consumption is via a pickled ginger dish called Gari along with sushi. It is done for its attractive smell (drowns out the other smells in the sushi restaurant and blunts the edges of the fish odour) and the germ-killing properties. Gari is made out of thin slices of ginger and looks an attractive pink!

Ginger Coffee anyone?

Yet another popular and healthy way of consumption is to have it along with one’s tea and coffee. This totally spices up these beverages and brings in a distinct and welcome ginger flavour. If one were to drink, say 3 – 4 cups a day, that would quite a lot of ginger going in for the day. Our AVA Care ginger coffee is a blend of ginger, spices and herbs. Only better! Another very interesting fact is that there are no coffee beans in there! So you can be totally free of the caffeine induced troubles. Here is the link to ours: http://www.avacare.in/ava-store/sanjeevanam/food-products/natural-drinks-sweeteners/ginger-coffee.html