Home Remedies to Remove Dark Skin

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Skin Discolouration .. To restore an even skin tone and to get rid of skin discoloration around mouth, you may try the following natural homemade remedies. 1. One of the best natural ways to lighten dark around mouth is to stay away from direct sunlight. To prevent darkening of skin

Hot oil massage

Hot oil massage Massage your head with any hair nourishing oil for 15-20 minutes. You can use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. You can also mix equal parts of all of them and use it. For people with stubborn flakey dandruff try mustard oil.. It is a strong oil and has a strong

A beautiful you…

A beautiful you… Happens when you groom yourself from head to toe. People with skin, scalp and hair problems need to address that first. Here are some quick fixes… Under eye dark circles..To get rid off dark circles, one must delicately massage a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes. Do this every night

How to Choose the Right Lipstick for You

How to Choose the Right Lipstick for You With its endless palette of lipsticks, glosses, and stains, the makeup counter can be pretty overwhelming. This article will teach you how to choose the right lip color to match your skin tone, outfit, and the occasion. 1 Find a color that is one to two shades

Your hair is a vital beauty asset

Your hair is a vital beauty asset, requiring constant loving care. And with a little nurturing, lush, glossy hair will be all yours. Conditioner is a must for hair with problems and coarse hair. Its not a cleansing product, it conditions hair not the scalp so donot use it directly on the scalp area. Run

Major reasons for immense hair fall

Major reasons for immense hair fall is…hereditary, thyroid, pcod, pcos, stress, medication, washing your hair too often with only water ( some people wash it everyday and shockingly some twice a day), vitamin D deficiency … amongst others. The hair starts thinning right on top of the head.. And the crown area. Most reasons, goes

Hair Mask

A HAIR MASK is one thing most of us shy away from.. But if your hair is rough, dry, treated with chemicals or damaged then it is a treatment you should indulge in.. Hair masks can easily be made at home .. For best results apply mask from roots to tips .. Wrap a warm

Waves in hair

Waves in hair Get waves and curls in straight hair using this no heat approach that will have you waking up with bouncy curls come morning. Start by misting the hair with water, but if your hair is poker straight then use a light setting hair spray. Then, working on one-inch sections, roll the hair

Hair loss and thinning

Hair loss and thinning doesn’t age-discriminate and can affect girls and boys as young as 12 years of age. One of the common misconception about hair is that it is alive, when in fact hair is nonliving and does not heal itself once it is injured. Contrary to popular belief, your hair doesn’t need sunlight

Pigmentation on the face

These days a common problem that one sees on both men and women is pigmentation on the face… It is especially common in pregnant women, women who are taking oral contraceptives and women taking hormone replacement therapy during menopause. It can also occur as a result of thyroid dysfunction. Sun exposure, following the use of

Home remedies to cure skin problems

home remedies to cure skin problems. A. The skin darkening around the neck and under the arms can be caused by different things. There are numerous remedies that are believed to help lighten the skin but their effectiveness is moderate and may vary from individual to individual. If you find natural home treatments to be

Acne and pimples on the back

Some people have acne and pimples on the back, chest and shoulder blades… Pretty bad sight and it’s embarrassing and disturbing when you have to wear clothes that expose these areas like a saree blouse etc… This happens when you have oily skin and long hair or hair that comes down to these areas.. with

Under the eyes

Late-nights and environmental toxins can stress the delicate skin around the eyes, causing puffiness and dark circles. A natural remedy that is an alternative to the old cucumber standby is green tea bags. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea bags shrink swelling and reduce the fluids around the eyes. Bags can form under the eyes because

Eye makeup remover

I always advice clients .. Learn how to remove make up first before learning how to put it on. This eye makeup remover will work like a dream if you run out of your normal brand. It’s also a great way to save money instead of using expensive makeup removers. If your skin is oily

Glowing skin

Almond face mask for glowing skin This homemade face mask of almonds can do wonders for your skin. Use daily for a fortnight and see the result yourself.  I have tried it and you can see the result from the very first day. Ingredients: • 3-4 Almonds • Milk to soak the Almonds. Preparation: In

Straight hair

The grass is always greener on the other side… People with curly hair want straight hair and ones with straight hair want curls and bounce… All of us know that chemicals are not good for us in any way, I have repeatedly said it in my posts but there’s no one better than me who

Face a huge dandruff

I’ve met hundreds of people both men and women who face a huge dandruff problem… And constantly talk about hair loss in the same breath. On its own there is no link between the two .. Facing hair fall doesn’t necessarily mean you have dandruff … rather constant and aggressive scratching is the actual culprit

Both men and women

For both men and women.. Clear vs opaque..that goes for all cleansing products.. Shampoos, face cleansers, soaps etc.. Clear formulas tend to be clarifying and can strip your skin or scalp of its natural oils and moisture. In the warm summer months, our bodies sweat and produce more oil. That’s why we reach for more

Dark lips

Home Remedies for dark lips. It is simple to easily enhance your beauty by creating a beautiful smile and one of the best ways to do this is with pink lips. Many people are not lucky enough to have naturally pink lips instead having lips that are pale and dark which is not appealing. Dark

Black heads

black heads …Steaming is the best way to remove blackheads. Don`t steam your face longer than 5-7 minutes once or twice a week. It will cleanse the skin and the black heads can be removed with a black head remover… Remember after a steam you need a good pack to close the open pores. Salt

Skin ages

Wrinkles, thinning, sagging and dryness are all part of the ageing process. As your skin ages, it doesn’t replace itself as quickly. Elastin and collagen, the proteins that keep your skin strong and elastic, are produced more slowly. And you can’t stop these changes from happening. Even at what age they start largely depends on


Most girls and boys think squeezing out a pimple will get rid of it and then wonder why more of them keep coming… Until some people have an infection so bad that only medication can cure.. And in most cases not even… Squeezing out a pimple is the worst thing you can do.. It leads

Lightening dark elbows and knees

dark elbows and knees you need to exfoliate and moisturize skin. These useful ways and natural tips will remove darkness from your elbows/knees and make it fair. Natural home remedies are helpful but it may take time. Hence to get rid of dark elbows and knees buy a good scrub and skin lightening creams that

Healthy skin

healthy skin: * Change your pillowcase once a week. Oil, dirt and bacteria from your head, hair and face can build-up on pillowcases over time, so even if you go to bed with a freshly washed face, you may have a bad case of pimples, acne or black heads because you may be exposing yourself

Moisturise for oily skin

Moisturise for oily skin 1.Determine your skin care needs. If you have only an oily t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) you do not need the same moisturizer as someone with severe acne. You may need a moisturizer for oily areas and a heavier moisturizer for dry areas. For excessive oily skin or blemishes, you may

Natural bleach

chemical bleaches makes skin dry,Try this natural bleach . Make a paste of the carrot. Squeeze the tomato with your hands and remove the pulp derived. Also squeeze the juice of the lemon, and make a paste of the corriander.Mix all the pastes and pulps. Start by washing the face using a mild baby soap

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Step 1 Apply aloe vera. Aloe vera gets rid of dead skin cells and can be soothing for dry skin. Use it on the areas that need relief. Step 2 Try tea tree oil. In addition to being moisturizing, tea tree oil has antiseptic properties. Apply it to affected areas. Step 3 Enjoy some avocado.

Skin Pigmentation

Many of us have faced the issue of skin pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and an uneven skin tone. It is very disturbing and embarrassing to step out with even one spot. Most doctors recommend laser to get rid of such problems, but in my opinion it’s a huge investment. I chose to go with natural

Pimples and other inflammations

People swear by this remedy… At least all the women in my family do…And to think that it came from one of my male cousins :)) well try it.. Mostly for pimples and other inflammations … 6 green chillies ( the more potent the better) 10 tablespoons of water Grind together, strain and using a

10 ways to get rid of dark underarms

dark underarms is not a disease or a medical condition. Dark underarms can be defined as the dark coloration of skin in the underarms region in comparison with the rest of the body. It is something like sun tan that happens when skin gets exposed to ultraviolet rays for longer period of time. Some of

Instant glow

Glowing skin is an indicator of good health and vitality. It is very difficult to maintain a glowing complexion nowadays because of air pollution, stressful lifestyles, lack of exercise and intake of processed or fast foods.Say goodbye to all those expensive beauty creams and instant glow face packs and fish in your kitchen cabinet for

Pregnant women and patchy skin

Yes, it’s common for pregnant women to develop blotchy areas of darkened skin, commonly called the mask of pregnancy (but officially known as chloasma or melasma gravidarum). Women with darker complexions are more prone to this condition than women with lighter skin. You’re also more likely to develop chloasma if it runs in your family.


The pores in your skin contain oil glands. At puberty, there is an increase in sex hormones, called androgens. The excess hormones cause the oil glands to become overactive, enlarge, and produce too much oil, or sebum. When there is too much sebum, the pores or hair follicles become blocked with skin cells. The increase