Sanjeevanam Kerala Centre

There is no single factor leading to a disease, so as to health too. To maintain your health and prevent illness the 4 limbs of healthcare system has to work in harmony. These 4, better known as Chikitsa chatushpada in Ayurvedic literature highly emphasize on the qualities and responsibilities that each limb has to perform. The first and the foremost is the Bhishak (Physician), who with his profound logic brings the other 3 limbs into action. The second is Dravyam (All the matter that has an existence in this universe can be used in the form of medicine provided there is a logic of the physician – includes the medicines, therapies, exercise, diet, counseling, surgery etc). Third is the Paricharaka (attendant/nurse/therapist) and the 4th is Rogi (patient himself).

There is no magical role to be played by Ayurveda, rather it’s a mere scientific and logical science. Our eminent physicians, exceptional therapists, tailor made& research based medicine and above all our satisfied customers have paved the way to mould Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic centre to an impeccable one in the city. Our ayurvedic hospital located at Cochin in kerala will provide you the finest platform to avail the way forward to freedom from disease. Providing the best holistic treatment we ensure your basic life style is brought into the right track.

We have an exceptional healthcare system meeting your demands, from a simple cold to complex Cancerous growths/Auto immune disorders are treated here. The curative as well the preventive management of Sanjeevanam Ayurveda is based on the golden knowledge of Dr .V.P. Sidhan, the founder of the four decade old AVA group of which Sanjeevanam is an offshoot, and whose ancestors were legendary in ayurvedic treatment. Sanjeevanam is where the tradition and pure essence of Ayurveda with the contemporary knowledge and equipments is meeting the needs of the people. All the therapies are advised only upon a thorough examination and recommendation by our doctors. Here you can find customized therapies for your ailments. Pain management, stress management, Detoxification therapies, are our highlights. We have played an outstanding role in curing and managing spinal problems all through these years with more than thirty thousand satisfied customers. Distinguished treatments are available for degenerative cases, Auto immune disorders, other Immune disorders, Dermatological problems, Gastro-intestinal disorders, Bone& joint issues, Kidney and urinary tract disorders, Liver disorders, Ano-rectal problems, respiratory problems, Neurological problems, problems related to mind, Male and female infertility. Primordial prevention is another speciality of Sanjeevanam Ayurveda, where Detoxification treatment for couples before conception, Antenatal care, Post natal care, Detoxification treatment to prevent life style disorders, hereditary ailments etc are given under utmost supervision.

What people say about us

I like the traditional Ayurveda touch given to treatments given here. I am very happy that my hair fall problem is fully solved after I started the treatments here.

-Mr. Kunall, Media Person

I am very happy with the excellent treatment rendered to me when I came here for a lower back pain at Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic centre. The doctor and therapists gave me a personalized attention that helped me to come out of my problem.

-Mrs. Roopa, Software Consultant

I like the whole concept of Sanjeevanam Ayurveda and really appreciate the authentic way of treatment given here.

-Mr.K.S.Subbaiah, Retired person

I came there for a skin problem .The medicines and the treatment had a magical effect on my body .The problem is totally cured of now and I truly thank Sanjeevanam for this.

-Mrs.Padma krishnaswamy, DAV School teacher

Thanks for manufacturing healthy products, been a customer for more than 3 years. Thank you


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