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You hold the wish, we provide the means. Behold your beauty through us always!!

Skin’s looking dull, spots are cropping up, not to mention those dreaded wrinkles, and hair is losing volume, going grey, and what not? Well, this certainly is not fun!! But, you are not alone, for it’s a common woe. The modern lifestyle is not helping, with stress at home and more in the workplace, increasing pollution and a diet that has a mind of its own- which means zero nutrition.

Nothing that, some good advice, genuine care and simple, natural solutions can’t solve. You can derive all this wholesomely at the Sanjeevanam Natural Beauty Centre. Through gentle care and simple remedies on our part, and with some time and patience on your part, all your skin and hair problems can be made to disappear. Our simple, nourishing- “skin and hair loving natural remedies”- are especially prepared for definite effect. Delivered with personalized care and attention by our beauty care experts who go by the formula- “gentle nurturing care is best”- make these treatments a uniquely enjoyable and effective experience. Our beauty treatments work with 100% natural ingredients, for both men and women, for nourishment of the hair, face, feet and hands, and for stress relief and relaxation. Sanjeevanam Natural Beauty Centre’s therapeutic packages put to best use the healing properties of Ayurvedic ingredients, which form the unique, specialized formula for our deep-reaching beauty treatments. We use natural ingredients like saffron, aloe vera, almonds, honey, and fresh fruits and vegetables that are great for the skin and cause no side effects.

Do you love the idea of looking and feeling youthful and smart, with well groomed hair and skin and a natural beauty that complements your personality? If it adds to your confidence, if it means others like you, if it means you enjoy your own company even more, and if it brings meaning to your life- then it’s definitely worth it!! Time to feel and look good again!

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What people say about us

I have been with Sanjeevanam Beauty Centre for 5 long years .I am truly inspired to be close with nature every time I come here, thanks to the Head Beauty Consultant who has given me this experience every time I visit there.

-Mrs.Bharathi-Manager,HCL technologies

Customer Care