Want to try on that new trendy hairstyle, to look like a new you? It’s just not the hairstyle, but the hair’s texture and grooming also that helps create the desired look and feel. Hair is an important part of beauty and taking care of hair needs to be part of daily beauty regimen. The hair needs to be kept healthy and steps should be taken to provide the hair with maximum nourishment to make it look healthy and prevent hair fall. Our natural hair care treatments use nourishing ingredients to provide maximum protection to the hair, while providing much needed nutrition. The hair treatments are designed for different hair types, and to address specific hair problems. The processes involve a natural nourishing cycle, which remedies and nurtures from within.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff can be a problem that refuses to disappear unless specifically treated. Due to dandruff, skin problems like rashes, spots, pimples and acne can also occur. We have special treatments that help to control the dandruff infection and its related negative effects. Regular therapy not only reduces dandruff, improves hair health and texture, it also keeps the hair moisturized and dandruff-free.

Hair Fall & Hair Growth Treatment

Hair fall is a problem for many who handle everyday stress and pollution. Thinning of hair, hair breakage and lacklustre hair are common problems associated with hair fall. Our treatment nourishes the hair roots and helps in opening up the pores in the scalp to help the hair follicles to re-grow. Within a few weeks of use you will find that your hair fall has stopped and your hair has become thicker and longer.

Henna Pack

Due to stress and pollution people are prone to premature graying of hair. Our natural herbal hair treatment makes use of henna to coat the grey hair and reduce premature graying to a great extent. This treatment reduces the heat in the scalp which makes hair grey. Henna is also an excellent hair conditioner which adds luster and volume to the hair and makes you look younger.

Protein Pack

Over a period of time the hair loses its natural sheen and becomes dull due to inadequate nourishment. The protein treatment promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. The protein pack remedial and healing treatment makes the hair look and feel healthier by making the scalp healthy from within. It’s a wonderfully rejuvenating regime for the hair, and provides long term nourishment and health to the hair.

Our hair treatments are designed keeping in mind specific lifestyle and diet issues, to blend in traditionally beneficial practices for best results. They are like a unique blend of traditionally strong Grandma’s hair recipes and today’s latest hairstyle trends- so you have yesterday’s benefits meeting today’s needs to create a perfect semblance.

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