Special Packages

Stress Relief Treatment

To counter increasing stress and bustle of everyday life, we have natural ways to keep you relaxed and stress-free with our special therapeutic treatments. These include head massage, face and body massage to soothe and relax the nerves. With special attention to specific pressure points, these address particular needs to bring about total mental and physical relaxation. The massages work on soothing the nerves from deep within to wipe away feelings of stress and fatigue, leaving you free from pain and depression.

Skin Glow Treatment

This special beauty therapy is made using products from nature to make you glow and look beautiful from your head to your toes. The full body therapy includes Head Massage with Hair Pack, Sanjeevanam Facial, Body Massage, Scrub and Body Pack, Hand and Foot Massage. The natural treatment nourishes the skin and gives it a glow. The skin becomes more pliable and attractive. The hair looks more lustrous.

Skin Radiance Treatment

This natural treatment makes you look radiant and feel beautiful. The treatment combines Sanjeevanam Facial, Body Massage, Foot Massage and Hand Massage, that works all over your body.

Tan Clear Treatment

The daily grind and exposure to sun leaves the skin looking tired and pale. The Tan Clear treatment is especially designed to remove skin tan and pigmentation. The treatment incorporates Sanjeevanam special facial, Foot massage with Pack, and Hand massage with Pack.

Bridal package

It’s every bride’s dream to look her glowing best on her wedding day. Our bridal package is designed to create an exquisitely beautiful bride, who looks naturally attractive. Our experts take care of all beauty concerns to make you look ravishing on your special day. The bridal packages start with specially designed treatments, months in advance, so you are all set to glow on the d-day.

Bridegroom package

The bridegroom needs to match his bride in every way on their wedding day. Our bridegroom package will take care of that, making you feel good, and looking dashing on your special day. The natural ingredients will pamper your skin, hair and body, and help you relax and unwind, giving you that matchless healthy glow just perfect for the occasion.

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I have been with Sanjeevanam Beauty Centre for 5 long years .I am truly inspired to be close with nature every time I come here, thanks to the Head Beauty Consultant who has given me this experience every time I visit there.

-Mrs.Bharathi-Manager,HCL technologies

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