At Sanjeevanam we have a variety of special massages for specific needs that help you to relax and feel rejuvenated. Our massages are intended to remedy health, skin, hair, and lifestyle concerns, leaving you feeling free, healthy and happy from within.

Face Massage

The entire face is massaged carefully with the tips of the fingers, providing just the right pressure to help your skin relax, and to make it supple. This improves blood circulation, soothes the facial muscles, and enhances skin texture.

Head Massage

The head is massaged by trained masseuses to ease away stress and worries, and to help the muscles unwind.

Foot Massage

Your feet are the most heavily used and very commonly neglected part of your body. The nerves from your feet connect to all the points of your body. The feet when massaged with pressure given to the right pressure points, acts on every single part of your body, to help the entire body feel relaxed and recharged. The foot and leg massage feels wonderful and helps ease away aches and pains.

Hand Massage

Even your hands need relaxation from time to time as they work so hard. The pressure points on the palms are the path-way to the muscles in the rest of the body. Our experts know just how to provide you with the right massage for your specific needs. Our special hand massage benefits the hands and arms by relaxing the muscles and providing a soothing effect.

Foot Massage with Herbal Pack

This special massage provides relaxation to the feet. The 100% natural herbal pack is excellent for tan removal and leaves your leg glowing and feeling recharged. Special herbs are used to act on specific points and to address special needs.

Hand Massage with Herbal Pack

This special massage for the hands uses healing herbs that provide therapy for tired, rough hands, to relax the hand muscles and joints, and to soften skin texture. This relaxes your hands while the herbal pack removes tan and makes your skin glow.

To know how they work, sample them for yourself. Speak to our experts whom you can consult with on what kind of massage would work best for you.

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What people say about us

I have been with Sanjeevanam Beauty Centre for 5 long years .I am truly inspired to be close with nature every time I come here, thanks to the Head Beauty Consultant who has given me this experience every time I visit there.

-Mrs.Bharathi-Manager,HCL technologies

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