The multi-cuisine spread on offer blends taste and health following an innovative concept that ensures the food tastes delicious and is healthy too. Our expert panel of trained and experienced chefs work along with our dietary and health experts to whip up fresh and wholesome food without having to compromise on taste. There is no scope for reheating or refrigeration of food and food is never stored beyond three hours. Your taste buds will tell you that Sanjeevanam food is delectable and your body will tell you that it's nourishing in all respects. We follow some basic principles to provide delectable food that is healthy too.

7 Facts That Make Sanjeevanam Food Healthy And Tasty

Concept List Only fresh vegetables and natural ingredients are used.

Only fresh vegetables and natural ingredients are used to make Sanjeevanam food. Thus the food prepared is rich in nutrition and helps promote vitality and immunity. The flour used is freshly ground, in-house, from cereals and pulses to ensure purity of ingredients.

Concept List Fresh food ensures health and taste.

Food is freshly prepared and never stored beyond three hours. As there is no reheating or refrigeration the natural goodness of all nutrients in the food are preserved.

Concept List Our cooking methods are healthy and safe

Cooking methods like steaming, stewing and stir-frying are used. Oil is used lightly making the food easy on the stomach. As deep-frying makes food unhealthy, it is avoided.

Concept List Natural sweeteners are used in place of sugar.

Healthy food doesn’t mean depriving the sweet tooth. You can still enjoy delicious appetizers and desserts. Desserts and juices are made with natural sweeteners like palm candy, jaggery or honey. We do not use refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Concept List Artificial colours and flavours are not used.

Use of artificial additives, colours, flavours and preservatives are avoided as they may have dangerous side effects. All the colours and flavours in our food are derived from the fresh ingredients and natural spices used in preparing the food.

Concept List Unhealthy ingredients are avoided.

We do not use ingredients that have long-term side effects, such as Maida (refined flour), Red chillies, Tamarind, etc.

Concept List Food is prepared by specialist chefs in consultation with food & health experts.

Food is prepared by a team of specially trained chefs under the guidance and supervision of a dedicated panel of experts. They strive for taste par excellence by carefully blending the traditional principles of natural cooking with contemporary food preferences.

Enjoy zero guilt pangs, if you are tempted to hog, as you pamper the foodie in you at Sanjeevanam vegetarian restaurant.

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What people say about us

We had this royal meals " rajakeeyam " at sanjeevanam adyar on our friend's treat. Its a wonderful and healthy experience. Guys avoid junk food for one day and go there. You will feel the same we all felt.

-Premkumar Periyaraman

Sanjeevanam Rajakeeyam is the real one, that fills your tummy, excites your taste buds and helps your health..

-Durgaprrasad Allada

Sanjeevanam is the BEST restaurant ever! Never thought that healthy food would taste SOOOO GOOD! I felt light as a feather even after a big meal at Sanjeevanam! My stomach never felt so good after a meal like the meal I had in Rajakeeyam.... Wish I could eat there EVERYDAY!

-Jyothi Lakshmi Vaidyanathan

Wonderful and healthy food. Economical. Health is our wealth. So by eating such food, we only save

-Sripriya Rajan


-Uday Ananthan

Indian Vegetarian Paradise meal!!! Less oil, less spice with accurate aroma! Sanjeevanam is really 100% authentic place. The special veg meal on Banana leaf was superb.

-Mohan Shukla

The whole experience at Sanjeevanam restaurant at Chennai was fantastic, starting from the soup to the soft parathas and tofu curry. I never thought Healthy food could be so delicious. After food, I also picked up some Health items from your shop outside the restaurant. Hats off to the founders of this health food venture. It would be great if you could also have door deliveries for your restaurant.

-Varun Girilal

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